Track Guided Blinds


Built for durability to withstand the harsh Australian climate

Committed to quality innovation, performance Campbell's Blinds always stands by its products and the PROTECTA Z3 side channel system is no different. Aiming for the highest  standard of performance in the market.the PROTECTA Z3 side channel system had to undergo rigours testing to attain the highest standard of strength, durability and quality .


PROTECTA Z3 side channel was put through a number of load tests. The harshest was a 1700kg load test, in which it passed to ensure the entire system is durable and built to last.


Key critical  PROTECTA Z3 components have been put through durable salt spray testing to ensure they will not rust, whatever the conditions.


The final test of strength was to put the PROTECTA Z3 system through the toughest wind gust test we could find. Working together with the James Cook University we had the PROTECTA Z3 system with 5% exterior screen fabric independently tested and the results were outstanding. 

Whether your home or work place is in need of a straight forward solution to the elements we are here to deliver just that With no straps or buckles PROTECTA Z3 boasts an easy-to -use, adjustable blind design that keeps yor outdoor areas comfortable throughout the year. For outdoor protection against the sun, wind and rain there is no better solution than having PROTECTA Z3 blinds fitted by the best in the business Campbell's blinds.

What ever your style of home or workplace you can find a suitable design in the PROTECTA Z3 range. These home additions also boast clear, tinted or black PVC  for added wind protection plus solar fabrics to block out those harmful UV rays.

Even though PROTECTA Z3 blinds have been built for strength and durability we do acknowledge that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN REPLACEMENT and strongly advise the following "BEST PRACTICE" FOR YOUR PROTECTA Z3 AWNINGS 

We recommend that you raise your PROTECTA  awnings during severe weather conditions PROTECTA awnings are built for strength and durability, but are not indestructible.

we also recommended your PROTECTA Z3 awnings are checked and maintained at least once a yer, or after severe weather conditions. 

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Track blind free motor special  

The motors are supplied and installed in the blinds with limits set a 1 remote control. 

The customer required to supply their own electrician for all electrical connections.


Disclaimer and Indemnity

Please Note, these wind tests were performed in a controlled laboratory environment to test the strength and durability of the Z3 Side Channel System under wind loads and is not reflective of an uncontrolled real life, high wind/weather or storm environment. Campbell's blinds therefore cannot accept responsibility if a Z3 side Channel System Sustains damage relating to or resulting from accidents, alterations, discoloration or fading over time, misuse, abuse normal wear and tear, removal and re-installation by untrained persons or individuals, failure to follow the instructions of Campbell's blinds, or force majeure including, without limitation, storm, fire,floods, cyclone's standing water, explosions, earthquake, vandalism, riots acts of war, pollutants , acts of god or other occurrences beyond the control of Campbell's blinds.